The 2016 Presidential Election, according to many people, was an absolute disaster. Trying to choose which candidate to vote for was really tough because both of them were unfavorable to voters. It was an absolute nightmare for some people to make a decision.

However, there was a candidate that the mortgage pros preferred and it really came as a shock to most people.

Mortgage professionals wanted Donald Trump in office rather than Hillary Clinton because of his extensive Real Estate and business experience. This to some, might sound like a pathetic argument, considering all of the trouble he has been found in, pertaining to his work, but they do have a good point.

Some Of The Mortgage Pro’s Had This To Say About Having Donald Trump In Office…

“He believes that less government involvement and regulation (micromanagement) is better,” wrote another. “I agree.”

“Hopefully he will repeal TRID and Dodd-Frank,” wrote a third Trump supporter. “Along with Obama Care (sic). Way to much Gov. Control (sic), waste and regulation.”

A common theme among Trump supporters was Clinton’s supposed crimes (she has been investigated a number of times, but never charged with any criminal offenses).

“Clinton needs to be in prison,” wrote a Trump supporter. “I trust Donald Trump to make our country great again. She is the worst presidential candidate EVER!!!”

Clinton supporters, meanwhile, tended to focus more on Trump’s perceived shortcomings than on Clinton’s strengths.

“Trump wants too much deregulation too soon,” one Clinton supporter wrote.

“Trump would be a disaster for the country, and all businesses,” another wrote.

“They are both liars,” wrote one mortgage pro who picked Clinton. “He’s a larger liar and a pervert.”

Meanwhile, a small but significant portion said they didn’t support either candidate, finding both too repellant for the presidency.

“Hillary is a pandering politician and Donald is basically intellectually unfit to run this country,” wrote one.

“Trump represents the worst of America through arrogance, racism and misogyny,” another wrote. “Clinton is a criminal that has gamed the system and flip-flopped on every issue under the sun to get elected. Either way, the world looks at these two as a joke, and (Russian President Vladimir) Putin can push both of them into a war.”

 What Do You Think Of Having Donald Trump In Office Do You Agree That He Would Be Better In Business Than Hillary Clinton?

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Article Source: MPAMAG