We Wouldn’t Of Dreamed Of This Ever… We Thought Is Was Much Different!

There has been a lot of talk about millennials and how they are spending their money. Most people would assume that these over achieving young adults are lavishly living in the heart of a major city in a luxury apartment or condo with every high-end shopping store within walking distance. However, the reality is they are following in their parent’s footsteps and want a big backyard, lower rates, space to raise a family and call home.

Millennials, like most people, love the idea of having grocery stores, shopping malls and their work close by for convenience but let’s face it – the traffic is absolutely ridiculous, real estate prices are though the roof and the daily hustle and bustle is loud, obnoxious and potentially dangerous.

Millennials know that they are going to get more value when they buy in the suburbs and the houses are bigger. For the price of a lofty apartment, you could get a three bedroom house with safer neighborhoods and a better school district. Suburban areas also have a lot of the amenities that these overly health and lifestyle millennials crave, such as health food markets, yoga classes and walkable downtown areas.

Depending on where you live, suburban homes also are easier to sell because most people with families want a quieter place to live that does not make your insurance premiums higher and force you to pay HOA fees.

Millennials, like many of us, have already seen prices for certain goods and services rise within the last few years so they are not overly-eager to spend. In fact, this new generation is actually big on saving and has notoriously been called penny-pinchers. There is a better deal on suburban housing and why make monthly payments on an expensive apartment when they can easily make the same payment on a mortgage towards something that they can own?

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